Treat croissants

A croissant with a surprise filling? Made in a jiffy with croissant / Danish dough.

VDP Trakteercroissant 1000X1000


  • VDP croissant / Danish dough
  • melted chocolate
  • decoration as desired

Baking advice

  • 16 minutes at 200°C


  • Replace the chocolate with a coloured coating for a yellow variant at Easter, for example


Make croissants and let them freeze lightly so that you can then cut them in half. Cut the croissants in half. Spread the half croissants out on the baking tray. Make sure that the half croissants lie on their sides with the seal underneath. Leave to rise for 60 minutes. Steam bake the croissants. After cooling dip in chocolate and decorate as desired.

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Thomas Knook

Sales Manager