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Cookie Dough Chunks

The nostalgic feeling of snacking on cookie dough in a ready-to-eat final product. Cookie dough is incredibly popular and forms a solid base for creativeness. Not only is it delicious to swirl through ice cream, but also to consume directly from the freezer or to use in the baking of products. By producing solely with ingredients that meet high food safety standards on modern lines, we can offer the best quality.

Our Cookie Dough Chunks can be recognised by their crunchy bite and excellent taste. We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy our Cookie Dough Chunks and therefore we take into account special wishes of ice cream lovers, such as vegan, organic, etc. With the increasing demand for premium ice cream, cookie dough provides the perfect inclusion for expanding your product range. Curious? Try them yourself!

1500X1500 VDP Cookie Dough Chunks


  • Timesaving
  • Creativity
  • Popular

Product Characteristics

  • Portioned frozen cookie dough chunks
  • Available in 10kg packaging
  • Produced with pure Dutch butter or margarine (vegan)
  • Perfect addition for your ice cream, desserts, milkshakes, etc.


  • Chocolate chip cookie dough chunks, small 8mm
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough chunks, large 12mm
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough chunks, extra large 18mm
  • Brownie cookie dough chunks, small 8mm
  • Brownie cookie dough chunks, large 12mm
  • Vanilla cookie dough chunks, small 8mm
  • Vanilla cookie dough chunks, large 12mm
  • Spicy Dutch cookie dough chunks, small 8mm
  • Ask about options for vegan, organic, etc.

Who's Van der Pol?

Before you order your cookie dough, we would of course like to explain ourselves. Van der Pol is a butter dough specialist. We started out as a small family business focused on making and processing butter. This ambition is still there after all these years. We make the tastiest dough products with love and true craftsmanship. Therefore, after reading this article, take a look at our product range or view the history of Van der Pol in our timeline

Making your own cookie dough

Of course, you can choose to make cookie dough yourself, but then you won't have the real quality that we can deliver as Van der Pol. Our ready-to-use cookie dough can be eaten immediately without any preparation. Besides, you can still work on making the most delicious recipes yourself. Which recipes are good with our biscuit dough you will read later in this text.

Vegan cookie dough

We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy our delicious cookie dough. That is why we also take into account the wishes of real ice cream lovers. That's why it's also possible to choose a vegan cookie dough. This vegan cookie dough is made without any animal products. Various ingredients that are suitable for making vegan food are used. If you would like to know more about this, please feel free to contact us.

Organic cookie dough

In addition to vegan cookie dough, we can also produce organic cookie dough. We are also certified for this, see our certifications here. This is different from vegan cookie dough, as it does involve the use of animal products. However, these are animal products with as much consideration for animal welfare and the environment as possible. For a more detailed explanation about specific products, you can always contact our specialists. So feel free to send a message.

Kosher biscuit dough

Of course we also take religious beliefs into account. Indeed, we can also supply kosher cookie dough on request. As we told before, our mission is to make everyone familiar with our delicious biscuit dough. If you have any other wishes, we are happy to think along with you. So please contact us as soon as possible.


We have several variations in our assortment. For example, if you want to use the cookie dough chunks for ice cream, you can choose thicker chunks. Would you prefer to use them as a topping for ice cream? Then choose the smaller chunks. See all variations in our assortment list.

Can't imagine your life without cookie dough?

Let's dough this! Request a sample and get started with spreading the love for cookie dough. Please be warned, though: don't blame us for having a hard time resisting cookie dough after trying ours.

1500X1500 VDP Cookie Dough Productie 2

Craving for more cookie dough chunks?

Marinus van der Grijn

Commercial Manager