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Puff pastry

Puff pastry, also known as flaky pastry, is a fundamental ingredient for various sweet and savory treats. Puff pastry consists of many layers of dough and butter, which is why it is called 'millefeuille' in French, meaning "thousand layers". This layered structure allows the dough to rise beautifully during baking, resulting in a crispy and airy texture. Additionally, the use of Dutch butter gives our puff pastry its recognizable rich aroma and flavour.

The production of puff pastry is a time-consuming task that requires consistent conditions. By working with the highest quality frozen puff pastry, you can skip at least six steps in the production process, saving time and labor costs while maintaining a consistent level of quality. With our extensive assortment of specific doughs, the possibilities for final products are endless, which is why we say, "our dough, your creativity".

1500X1500 VDP Gelamineerd Deegblokken Bladerdeeg 3Vouw (2)


  • Timesaving
  • High quality
  • Consistency

Product characteristics

  • Frozen and fresh dough blocks
  • 1 - 10 kg per block
  • Produced by the French or Dutch method
  • Produced with Dutch pure butter
  • Also available with margarine or mix if required
  • Solid base for sweet and savoury snacks


  • Butter puff pastry
  • Butter puff pastry clean label
  • Butter puff pastry extra strong
  • Butter puff pastry extra tolerant
  • Butter puff pastry extra salted
  • Organic butter puff pastry
  • Margarine puff pastry
  • Margarine puff pastry organic
  • Mix pastry (butter and margarine)
1500X1500 VDP Bladerdeeg Personeel

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Paul Huys

Commercial Manager