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Cookie Dough Paste

Looking for a new distinctive inclusion for your ice cream tub, ice cream cake or other dessert? Out of the great love for our well-known cookie dough chunks, we are constantly looking for even more opportunities to spread our cookie dough all over the world. With our accumulated knowledge and years of experience, we can manage a lot and so we also developed the sweet addition of cookie dough paste to our product range.

The ready-to-eat, doseable cookie dough offers many possibilities and transforms every finished product a real treat. Besides ingredients that meet high safety standards, we also added a lot of love and passion to the cookie dough paste - and you can taste it! Are you ready for this new cookie dough experience?

2023 VDP Cookie Dough Paste


  • Timesaving
  • Creativity
  • Popular

Product Characteristics

  • Doseable cookie dough
  • Produced with pure Dutch butter
  • To be stored at a temperature of 15 - 20 ºC (if sealed airtight)
  • Perfect for use in ice cream tubs, ice cream cakes or candy bars


  • Chocolate chip cookie dough paste
  • Brownie cookie dough paste
  • Vanilla cookie dough paste
1500X1500 VDP Cookie Dough Productie 2

Craving more cookie dough?

Marinus van der Grijn

Commercial Manager