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Croissant dough

Croissant dough, also known as Danish dough, shares many characteristics with puff pastry. However, there is one major difference: it contains yeast, which makes it rise. The yeast in croissant dough creates an even lighter and fluffier texture. In addition to this texture, the dough is recognizable by the rich aroma and taste of Dutch butter of our sister company. This contributes to the delightful flavour experience.


With our artisanal production process, we always strive for exceptional quality and carefully select our ingredients. Our ready-to-use dough meets stringent standards, ensuring that you can rely on a consistent, high-quality product. With croissant dough, we proivde you with a solid foundation for your craft. You can start immediately creating delicious treats, allowing you to save time for other tasks within your bakery. Our extensive assortment always offers a dough that perfecty suits your specific desires and needs.

1500X1500 VDP Gelamineerd Deegblokken Croissantdeeg 2Vouw Closeup


  • Timesaving
  • High quality
  • Consistency

Product characteristics

  • Frozen dough blocks
  • 3 - 7,5 kg per block
  • Up to 54 layers
  • Produced with pure Dutch butter
  • Also available with margarine if preferred
  • Perfect base for sweet and savoury snacks


  • Butter croissant dough
  • Butter croissant dough freeze tolerant
  • Margarine croissant dough
1500X1500 VDP Bladerdeeg Personeel 3

We are happy to help you find the perfect dough!

Paul Huys

Commercial Manager