Van der Pol is a producer of both frozen and fresh doughs, such as puff pastry, croissant dough and cookie dough. In addition to supplying the standard package, there are numerous possibilities for adapting products to your specific wishes. 

Van der Pol products are a household name in the (pastry) bakery world, in the hotel and catering sector, among semi-industrial processors and in the world of ice cream. 

Would you like to know more about our products? Then take a look further! 

Puff pastry

Our puff pastry dough blocks are processed by traditional, artisanal bakeries, semi-industrial bakeries or pie producers. The doughs are made with Dutch butter from sister company Royal VIVBuisman, which ensures a full, recognisable flavour. The range of puff pastry doughs is deep; we produce specific doughs for specific end products.

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Croissant dough

Besides being widely processed by bakeries and restaurants, croissant dough, or Danish dough, is also a popular semi-finished product. The main difference is that there is yeast in the semi-finished product, so it has to rise and has a fluffier structure than puff pastry.

With croissant dough our customers can also go in many different directions, both different sweet and savory delicacies can be prepared with this frozen dough.

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Cookie Dough Chunks

The best thing about cookie dough ice cream? The cookie dough chunks of course! We produce these pieces of dough in various flavors and sizes, perfect for snacking right away, or as an addition for your ice cream. 

So Cookie Monster, what are you waiting for?

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Cookie Dough Paste

To spread our love of cookie dough even further, we have developed a paste made from cookie dough! This instantly edible, doseable paste is perfect to use as a core in an ice cream cup, topping on an ice cream cake or as an inclusion in a candy bar.

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