Special dietary requirements

Van der Pol wants to ensure that everyone can enjoy the tastiest dough products. That is why we are continuously developing products that meet the latest trends and innovations requested by consumers. 

Our Vegan-Friendly products

At Van der Pol, we keep a close eye on global food trends. We are aware that the innovation towards plant-based food is important for consumers who are interested in a more environmentally friendly life. 

That is why, as a butter dough specialist, we have broadened our knowledge and can also supply vegan products. The ingredients we use for this are of exceptional quality and taste great, so you'll hardly notice any difference from the standard range. From puff pastry to cookie dough, who dares to challenge us?

A taste of our Vegan cookie dough

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Vegan Chocolate Chip

Vegan Brownie

Vegan Vanilla

Our organic products

In addition to vegan dough products, we also make organic products. Organic is a legally protected term. All organic products are independently inspected by the Skal Foundation. When the products meet all the requirements, they earn the European Quality Mark. View our Skal certification here

Our Clean Label products

Clean Label products are about using clear, easy-to-understand and trusted ingredients in recipes, without artificial additives, preservatives or chemicals. With Clean Label products, we aim to meet our the rising demand for natural and minimally processed foods for our customers. We already have several products produced Clean Label. Curious? Contact us for more information.

2022 VDP Kwaliteit Mark

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