Pain au chocolat

Making a chocolate roll with Van der Pol croissant / Danish dough could not be easier! Check out the recipe here.

VDP Chocoladebroodje 1000X1000


  • VDP croissant / Danish dough
  • Callebaut chocolate bars

Baking advice

  • 18 minutes at 220°C with steam


  • If you wish, you can add some fondant or extra chocolate to the roll by applying some decoration with a cornet


Roll out the dough to a thickness of 2 mm, 50 cm wide. Now cut slices 9 cm wide and 16 cm long. Place 3 chocolate sticks on each dough piece. Roll up the slices. After the last one has been rolled up, make sure the closure is at the bottom. Press firmly. Spread the rolls on the baking tray, brush with egg and, if necessary, decorate with a sharp knife. Allow the chocolate rolls to rise for 60 minutes

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Thomas Knook

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