Fruit bows

Looking for a fruit-packed snack for your bakery? Create this fruit bow in no time with Van der Pol croissant / Danish dough.

VDP Fruitstrik 1000X1000


  • VDP croissant / Danish dough
  • fresh seasonal fruit
  • filling of choice (almond paste, cream, or the like)

Baking advice

  • ca. 18 minutes at 220°C


Fold a sheet of puff pastry diagonally and score along the side, 5 mm from the edge and 1 cm from the point. Then fold the section back and fold the scored section to the opposite side. This creates a bow, press down firmly where the pastry crosses so it stays fixed during baking.

Brush all products with egg then leave to rise for 60 mins, steam lightly and bake.

Allow the bow to cool down well after baking. Afterwards you can decorate the bows with fresh fruit in various colours and icing sugar if desired.


Deegplak Lightroom Psd2


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Thomas Knook

Sales Manager