These apple triangles have a nice twist due to the addition of apricot cubes. Made with butter puff pastry dough from Van der Pol!

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  • VDP puff pastry dough
  • cane sugar
  • icing sugar
  • optional: marzipan
  • 30kg apples
  • 5kg chopped apricots
  • 3kg soaked raisins
  • 1,5L lemon juice
  • 10 vanilla pods
  • 750g quelli (binding agent)

Baking advice

  • Bake the apple triangles for around 20 minutes at 175/185°C.


  • After baking, sprinkle with icing sugar and decorate with some optional marzipan


Start by making the apple compote. Stew the apples until half cooked (using half stewed apple gets rid of most of the moisture, so you don't have problems during baking) with the vanilla and then bind with the quelli and add the apricots and soaked raisins. Mix well and pour the mixture onto a tray. Spread the mixture to the desired thickness and leave to stiffen in the fridge.

Then cut out triangles from the apple compote. By making triangles, you ensure that there are equal amounts of apple in each apple triangle. Even in all the corners! Freeze the triangles. By freezing the apple compote, the turnovers keep their shape.

Roll out the puff pastry to 1.75 mm thickness. Use a dough cutter to indicate at each 14 centimetres where to place the apple compote. Once you have placed the apple compote triangles on the pastry sheet, roll out another sheet of puff pastry to 1.75 mm and place it over the apple compote. Seal the puff pastry well between the apple compote triangles. Then cut out the triangles with a triangle cutter. Prick little holes in the edges and moisten lightly with water. Then dip the apple triangles in the cane sugar. Using cane sugar gives the turnover a nice even colour.

The effect of puff pastry

Puff pastry is characterised by a flaky effect. This structure of layers is created by the turning of the puff pastry. The puffing effect occurs during baking, when the water evaporates and the layers are pushed apart. It is important for you to know which puff pastry you can best use for a specific end product. Read more here

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