Apple rondy

These apple rondys filled with almond paste are a delicious addition to your pastry assortment. Easily and quickly made with Van der Pol's croissant / Danish dough!

VDP Appelrondy 1000X1000


  • VDP croissant / Danish dough
  • Lola/Jonagold apples
  • 1000g almond paste
  • 150ml lemon juie
  • 5g cinnamon
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • decoration as desired

Baking advice

  • 15 minutes at 195°C


  • Replace the apple with mango and the lemon paste with passion ice cream


Roll out the croissant dough to 3 mm thickness and cut strips of 30 by 2.25 cm. Cool down to freezing point. Pipe a line of spice on each strip. Cook the apple pieces in the microwave for a short time and put them on the strips. Roll up the strips and place them in an 8 cm ring. Leave to rise in a proving cabinet at 28°C, humidity max 70%. After baking, finish the rolls with a neutral jelly.

Lemon paste
Dissolve the vanilla in a little ice cream. Then make it family with the cinnamon and the lemon juice. Mix with the remaining ice cream.

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