A cake with Cookie Dough? That is also possible! Try making this FlatDough and surprise your customers with the delicious pieces of cookie dough in this cake.

VDP Plaatdough 1000X1000


  • 750g Damco complete cookie boat mix
  • 525g pure butter of margarine
  • 300g pastry flour
  • 40g egg
  • 3.000g Damco muffin/cupcakemix
  • Frucaps caramel filling
  • 1.100g oil (soy, sunflower or peanut)
  • 880g whole egg
  • 540g water
  • Cookie Dough Chunks

Baking advice

  • Boat dough: approx. 18-20 minuten at190°C
  • FlatDough: approx. 35 minutes at 170°C


Preparation dough
Beat the butter/margarine with the eggs until smooth, then add the flour and the Damco complete cookie boat mix. As soon as the dough has formed, switch off the mixer. Then roll out the dough to a thickness of 4 mm and bake.

Preparation filling and top
Cream the butter. Then add the Damco muffin/cupcake mix with the egg and water and mix for 2 minutes using the flat beater on speed 2. Spread 1,000 gr of the batter in the sheet pan. Using a piping bag, pipe the Frucaps caramel filling over the batter, followed by the other half of the Damco muffin/cupcake mix (1,500 g). Finally, sprinkle the raw Cookie Dough chunks over the batter and bake.

IMG 2638


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Rien Kos

Business Unit Director