Cheese knot

These crispy cheese knots made with croissant / Danish dough are a delicious snack to be served with drinks. Surprise your customers and check out the recipe here!

VDP Kaasknoopje 1000X1000


  • VDP croissant / Danish dough
  • Parmesan cheese

Baking advice

  • 18 minutes at 195°C


  • Sprinkle before rolling chopped sundried tomatoes over the dough


Roll out the croissant dough to a thickness of 10 mm. Moist the dough slightly and sprinkle parmesan cheese on top. Roll the dough to 9 mm. Moist the dough slightly and sprinkle parmesan again. Now roll the dough to 8 mm. Cut pieces of 6 by 12 cm and cut each piece two times in every 2 cm (see picture). Braid the dough and roll to a knot. Grease the bowls, sprinkle parmesan cheese inside and place the knots. Place them in a proofing cabinet, at 28°C and a humidity of maximum 70%, until the dough is proofed.

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Thomas Knook

Sales Manager