Cake with cookie dough base

Making a cake base with Cookie Dough chunks is easy. You can use a Big Cookie for a thicker base, or simply process the chunks into a rollable dough.

VDP Taart Met Cookie Dough Bodem 1000X1000


  • Cookie Dough Chunks
  • biscuit
  • bavaroise

170°C for approx. 15-18 minuten


It is easy to make a cake base using Cookie Dough chunks. You can use a BIG Cookie for a thicker base, or easily work the chunks into a dough that can be rolled out. Use a mixer to knead thawed Cookie Dough chunks with 2% water until a compact dough is formed. You can roll out the dough to a thickness of 2 mm and cut out any shape you like.
The bavarois cake is made up of a number of layers. The first layer on the bottom is a layer of bavarois. Sprinkle a handful of baked Cookie Dough on top. Continue with a layer of biscuit and the final layer of bavarois. Then let the cake set in the refrigerator. Finish the Bavarois tartlet with a mirror of your choice and sprinkle with fried Cookie Dough chunks.

For this recipe, the creative teams of Royal Steensma and Van der Pol joined forces.

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Rien Kos

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