Gingerbread 2.0

Gingerbread 2.0

Wijcks gingerbread naturel 07800

Get the dough out the freezer. Be aware you process fast because it is important to keep the dough cold to prevent sticking. Use flour and roll the dough carefully out to 4 mm. Cut out the desired figures (for example a heart or a Christmas tree). Brush the figures twice with whole coffee milk.Bake them and after letting them cool down you can start decorating with icing and other decorations

Baking advice
15 min at 180┬░C

– For example, use little small silver and gold balls for Christmas, hearts for Valentine and colored chocolate for kids.
– To prevent waste, put the residue from the cookies together, press it and place it immediately back in the freezer. Now you can use it like before.

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