Puff pastry dough

Puff pastry dough

Van der Pol puff pastry dough is prepared with the best basic ingredients for a consistent quality. Our puff pastry has a good laminated effect and a full butter taste of the finished products. All raw materials are carefully selected and Van der Pol works to the highest certification standards.

Salted puff pastry
With Van der Pol salted puff pastry you can make delicious savory pastry products. This pastry has 2,4% salt, so you don’t have to add salt yourself.

Puff Pastry Extra Tolerant
The Van der Pol extra firm and tolerant puff pastry dough has a low shrinkage and has very pleasant to bake with. This puff pastry dough is not only suitable for hot circumstances, but also perfect to make unique and specific products. For example, tompouce, pretzels and cookies.

Organic puff pastry
Organic pastry should not be missing in our portfolio. We are Skal certified and meet the highest demands of certification standards. All our organic products carry the European Bio-mark Skal.

Product information

  • Laminated dough
  • Frozen dough blocks
  • Dough sheets – 3 mm
  • Up to 488 layers
  • Without yeast
  • Perfect for sweet and savoury products
Leaflet puff pastry dough