Croissant dough

Croissant dough

For more than 40 years, Van der Pol has been the specialist in making puff pastries and croissant dough. The DPW dough is made of the best basic ingredients. Product development ensures the best quality and processing properties of the dough. All raw materials are carefully selected and Van der Pol works to the highest certification standards. The raw materials are pure and honest. We have a wide assortment so that we can always meet the needs of the customer.

As an innovative, service-oriented company, Van der Pol constantly focuses on the wishes of its customers. Quickly responding to these wishes is key. Our advanced production lines enable us to be very flexible when it comes to packaging, branding, order size or delivery time. Our motto is that a Van der Pol product is only successful if it brings our customers success!

Product information

  • Laminated dough
  • Drozen dough blocks
  • Dough sheets
  • Up to 54 layers
  • With yeast
  • Perfect for sweet and savoury products
Leaflet croissant dough

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