How do you bolster the fresh image on the shop floor? By baking yourself and showing that your products come out of your own oven! Regardless of whether you lack space or resources to roll out the dough, with our ready-to-use puff pastry and croissant dough sheets you can easily make tasty, high-quality products yourself. After years of development, we can call ourselves experts; we can supply sheets in any desired format, produced with as many natural ingredients as possible.

The rolled-out dough sheets defrost quickly, making it easy to prepare a variety of sweet or savoury treats, such as apple turnovers, croissants or even American pies. You save a lot of time and work and, yet, still offer a total experience to your customer!

Our dough, your creativity

Curious? Would you also like to have time to get creative with your end product? Contact your sales manager Paul Huys and inquire about the endless possibilities.