The nostalgic feeling of snacking on cookie dough in a ready-to-eat final product. Cookie dough is incredibly popular and forms a solid base for creativeness. Not only is it delicious to swirl through ice cream, but also to consume directly from the freezer or to use in the baking of products. By producing solely with ingredients that meet high food safety standards on modern lines, we can offer the best quality.

Our Cookie Dough Chunks can be recognised by their crunchy bite and can be called unique due to the complete range of flavours, with many possibilities to create a final product that meets specific wishes, such as organic, vegan, kosher. The sky is the limit!


Our dough, your creativity

Can't imagine your life without our cookie dough chunks? Would you also like to have time to get creative with your end product? Contact Rien Kos and inquire about the endless possibilities.