Tompouce Cherry pie


  • VDP puff pastry dough
  • 275g cream
  • 275g milk
  • 275g egg yolk
  • 101g sugar
  • 429g ivoire chocolade (Valrhone)
  • 925g whipped cream


Roll out the puff pastry to 2,5 mm. Bake between plates (under pressure) until they are almost ready. Remove the upper plate and bake until ready then dry. Measurement: 14 x 14 cm.

White chocolate mousse with vanilla
Prepare as anglaise. Mix the anglaise with the chocolate and mix the whipped cream at a temperature of 35°C. Sprinkle after adding the mousse small pieces of cherry between the layers.

Chocolate decoration
Heat the chocolate up to 45°C and cool back to 29°C. Smooth it till 2 mm and cut as wished.


– Add icing sugar on top with a mould
– Use the vanilla mousse on top and dip the cherry in jelly for a nice gloss.
– This pastry is suitable for 4 persons.

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