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  • VDP croissant dough

  • egg yolk

  • 10% whole milk


Roll out the croissant dough to 3 mm thickness. Cool well to 3 - 4°C. Cut the dough 12 by 28 cm. Cool down to freezing point. Lightly moisten the dough. Roll the croissant up tightly at the beginning, this ensures a beautiful weft. Leave the croissants to rise in a proving cabinet at a temperature of 28°C with a humidity of no more than 70% until the dough has loosened nicely. For extra shine, spray the croissants with egg yolk and 10% whole milk before baking.

Baking advice

17 minutes at 195°C


After spraying the egg mixture, using a sieve, sprinkle extra fine granulated sugar over the croissant for extra shine/crispness.

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