What we do

Van der Pol makes the highest quality fresh dough possible. Our dough is immediately deep frozen after production to preserve all the good product properties so we can offer our customers dough that is ‘as good as fresh’. We make specialized products like dough for croissants, but also the popular cookie dough that is often added to ice cream!

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Our proposition

We produce constant high quality dough products, so you don’t have to. We save our customers time and money, allowing them to focus on their core business. Whether you are a baker that makes and sells artisanal products or an ice cream producer that adds cookie dough chunks to your ice cream: Van der Pol has the perfect product for you and your business!

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Our customers

Thanks to the high quality of our products, we have been the market leader in the Netherlands for decades. We are growing quickly in Belgium, as more and more bakers here discover our products. More and more, fresh formula’s and semi-industrial food processors strive for high(er) quality. Not surprising, we are happy to count a growing number of these companies among our customers. Simply the best certainly applies to Van der Pol!

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Our dough, your creativity

Van der Pol is one of the largest Dutch specialists in frozen dough products. Together with our global network, we continuously develop, create, innovate and improve our products. Since 1985 we are proud to have been designated "Purveyor of His Majesty the King".

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About us

Van der Pol is a leading fresh frozen dough producer from Holland. Joost van der Pol started our business in 1885 as a butter trader. In 1972, Van der Pol first produced and sold specialized dough products for bakers. Thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit, we have added many dough products and welcomed many new customers to our business since then. In 1987 we were awarded the title ‘purveyor to the Royal Court’ and we are proud to say we remain a family owned company today.

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