Bibac contest

During the Bibac, an event for bakers in Belgium, Bakkers Vlaanderen vzw organized a contest. The visitors had to guess the weight and purchase price of a pallet full with bakery ingredients. Van der Pol participated with four boxes puff pastry dough. Baker Bart Mertens from bakery “De Korenbloem” located in Oostmalle guessed almost the perfect answer and won all the products. Our colleague Paul Huys brought him the puff pastry dough and he is looking forward to work with our product!

At Van der Pol we do everything we can to get our company and employees through the Corona pandemic as safe and healthy as possible. Most of our colleagues are now working at home and we have taken extensive measures to protect the colleagues in our factory. Due to current safety measures, we will not receive any guests until further notice. Planned appointments will be rescheduled. We do not expect delays in production and delivery of your goods at this point, although that may change in the near future. To ensure timely delivery, we kindly request you to order your goods as soon as possible. Should you have any questions, please give us a call, or contact us through e-mail or (video)Whatsapp. We are happy to be of service in any way possible. Our motto ‘Samen werkt het’ means ‘it works together’ or ‘together it works’. Now, more than ever!